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9 [2011.12] IEDM presented paper by Gang Zhang 1373 file
Aug 21, 2014 196057
Gang Zhang, Tian-Zi Shen, Hua-Min Li, Dae-Yeong Lee, Chang-Ho Ra and Won Jong Yoo*, IEEE Intl Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM 2011), 5-7 Dec 2011, “Electrically Switchable Graphene Photo-Sensor using Phase-Change Gate Filter for Non-Volatile ...  
8 [2011.10] 민섭 JAP 논문 545 file
Sep 27, 2012 158082
Min Sup Choi et al. "Plasma treatments to improve metal contacts in graphene field effect transistor" Journal of Applied Physics, 110, 073305 (2011)  
7 [2015.03] Congrat!!! Xiaochi's paper has been published in "Solid State Communications"!! 1 663
Mar 12, 2015 147653
[2015.03] Congrat!!! Xiaochi's paper has been published in "Solid State Communications"!! Solid State Communications Available online 4 March 2015 In Press, Un...  
6 [2014.08] Congrat!!! Min Sup's paper has been published in "ACS Nano" 1178 file
Aug 22, 2014 144221
Lateral MoS2 p–n Junction Formed by Chemical Doping for Use in High-Performance Optoelectronics This paper demonstrates a technique to form a lateral homogeneous 2D MoS2 p–n junction by partially stacking 2D h-BN as a mask to p-dope MoS2....  
5 [2015.10] Congrat!!! Deshun and Xiaochi's paper has been published in "Nanoscale"
Oct 27, 2015 140921 Journals Books Databases Alerts Other Help Feedback Log in Register Full Text Advanced Search Home > Journals > Nanoscale > Self-screened high perf... For Authors & Refer...  
4 [2015.03] Congrat!!! Huamin and Daeyeong's paper has been published in "Nature Communications" 398
Mar 25, 2015 137594
Ultimate thin vertical p–n junction composed of two-dimensional layered ​molybdenum disulfideHua-Min Li, Daeyeong Lee, Deshun Qu, Xiaochi Liu, Jungjin Ryu, Alan Seabaugh & Won Jong Yoo Affiliations Contributions Corresponding autho...