Passivated Ambipolar Black Phosphorus Transistor

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Dewu Yue Daeyeong Lee Youngdae Jang Min Sup Choi Hye Jin Nam Duk-Young Jung and Won Jong Yoo

Received 28th March 2016 , Accepted 26th May 2016

First published on the web 27th May 2016

We report the first air-passivated ambipolar BP transistor formed by applying benzyl vio-logen, which serves as a surface charge transfer donor for BP flakes. The passivated BP devices exhibit excellent stability in both ambient and vacuum; their transistor performance is maintained semi-permanently. Different from their intrinsic p-type property, the passivated BP devices pre-sent ambipolar property with much higher electron mobility up to ~83 cm2V–1s–1 from 2-terminal measurement at 300 K, compared to other reported works on n-type BP transistor. On the basis of n-type doping effect originated from benzyl viologen, we also systematically investigated BP thickness dependence of our devices on electrical properties, in which we found the best electron transport performance to be attained when a ~ 10 nm thick BP flake was used.